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What is a Good Salary in Northern Virginia?

The median household income in Virginia is $72,577. In Washington, DC, that number is slightly higher. Let’s look at Fairfax City, Alexandria, and Washington, DC. These three places are home to many high-paying Del Aria Team: companies, so salaries in these areas may be higher than the national average.

Fairfax City

Fairfax City has a strong economy, a good location for working in Washington, DC, and low housing costs. The city’s residents can also benefit from reduced rental prices in the summer and winter months. The city has a strong political presence and two U.S. Senators, who serve six-year terms.

Salaries in Northern Virginia are relatively high despite the high cost of living. Local economic development leaders are looking to continue this trend and encourage residents to pursue higher salaries. For example, the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership is working to create more high-paying jobs in the area. Amazon recently announced that it is adding another headquarters to Northern Virginia.

The area’s educational system is also world-class. Fairfax High School has won a gold award from the US News and World Report and is ranked among the top 250 high schools in the nation. The city recently passed a General Obligation bond referendum, which will help fund schools in the area. Fairfax City also boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene, including historic Old Town, which opens its streets to world-class craft merchants.

Salaries in Fairfax City are higher than those in the nearby DC area. The median household income in the area is $72,577.


If you’re considering a move to Alexandria, Virginia, then you’ll be happy to know that salaries are relatively high in this Northern Virginia city. However, the cost of living is higher than average. However, local economic development leaders are working to raise salaries even further. For example, the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership has a goal of creating more jobs that pay a higher average wage. The city was also recently chosen by Amazon as its second headquarters, and the city is now looking to attract more companies to expand there.

Compared to the average salary in other parts of Virginia, Alexandria’s salary is among the highest. Arlington and Belview are the second and third-highest-paying cities. While these cities pay slightly less than Alexandria, they still far outpace the Virginia average. In fact, the salaries in these cities are nearly 23 percent higher than in other parts of Virginia.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, the cost of living in Alexandria is about $105,239 per year or $8,770 a month. This is a lot more than the average for a family with two adults and two children in the Washington, DC metro area. If you’re interested in living comfortably in the area, you might want to consider working in the public sector.

Alexandria is one of the best cities in Virginia for teachers because it has the highest median income per household. Alexandria’s school system is 70 percent minority, which means that teachers are in high demand. It also has high numbers of special education and low-income students.

Washington DC

In northern Virginia, a six-figure salary is a common goal for professionals. In fact, three counties in the area are ranked among the richest in the country, so earning this kind of income isn’t impossible. Several fields in the area pay high salaries, such as journalism, CPAs, and attorneys.

Although salaries in Northern Virginia of realtors are high, the cost of living is high. That’s why local economic development officials are trying to boost salaries. For instance, Alexandria’s Economic Development Partnership is working to create more jobs with higher average salaries. Also, Amazon recently chose Crystal City as the site of its second headquarters, boosting salaries in the region.

In Northern Virginia, Realtor income is over $120,000. This figure exceeds the average income in New York City and San Francisco. But the median household income in Northern Virginia is lower than in most other places. However, it’s still higher than the national median. In fact, the median income is more than $100k in Arlington and Fairfax.

In Northern Virginia, realtors make an average income of $72,577 per year. The average income for the middle class is $43,950 and $131,380, with the lowest middle class income in Blacksburg and Radford.

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